The bespoke badge specialists manufacturing dazzling badges

Best Practice is delighted to announce that Dash Dynamics has been awarded our Badge Specialist Company of the Year for their design and manufacture of resin domed badges.

Dash Dynamics are one of the UK’s leading suppliers specializing in domed auto badges, 3D plates, custom keyrings and printing.

The automotive industry takes up a large part of their services however they work with in every area of the industry, offering control panel graphics, badges, safety badges and branding to all sectors, from leisure to one off prototypes.

In the last year, the company has grown 11% and invested a large amount of money towards new printers and cutters, constantly updating their website and undergoing training courses to ensure they are ahead of the competition. Whilst only a small company, Dash Dynamics are dedicated to ensure that all requirements are met in an efficient time frame. The Dash Dynamics’ website offers a range of videos to introduce clients to the staff and explain how the company works.

David Wilkinson of Dash Dynamics has stated that “We are dedicated to getting our products finished to the highest standard, at a fast pace. Our timescale depends on the product, but we like to reassure our clients have a clear time-scale and are completely satisfied.”

The domed badges standout through the use of resin and close detail, customers are able to bring their own designs, which can be reworked into an eye catching design, by the graphic designers and manufacturers. All auto badges are regulated to automotive specifications, ensuring that no issues arise. The inks used are solvent or latex based, whilst the resin is made of two part polyurethane. The finished product will not go cloudy, fade and is scratch resistant, ensuring the product remains at the highest standard, for years to come.

In honour of receiving the Company of the Year award, David stated that “For a small company to win this award, against larger scaled companies, is brilliant and demonstrates the hard work that goes into all of our projects. It is a fantastic achievement and shows our progression as a company, against competitors.”

Dash Dynamics current aim is to expand their business through new designs and features, whilst also continuing their excellent customer service approach through their strong work ethic and fast-paced timescale management. The company hopes to achieve this through investments towards advertising, new printers and cutters. The company also offers student placements, which enables students to work alongside the company, in the areas of graphics, printing, videography and marketing with the potential of a future career within the industry.

Contact David Wilkinson:
T +44 (0)1995 606158