Delivering Excellence

In its early days, when it was established in the late 1940s, Meachers Global Logistics started out as a family-owned coal business. The success that ensued and opportunities that presented themselves led to an expansion into general haulage and warehousing, and further changes were implemented with the involvement of Pirelli General, a company that acquired the brand in the 70s.

The result was the acquisition of a number of other firms – such as truck franchise KLCommercials and Oast Agencies, an international specialist in goods transportation via air, sea and road services – and an eventual management buyout in 1996 that was completed from the Pirelli Group and saw the company return to private ownership.

Meachers Global Logistics is recognised for its ability to provide a fully comprehensive logistics solution, covering everything from global freight forwarding to transport and warehousing. To ensure absolute clarity the business is split into three different divisions, so the areas of activities mentioned are individually dealt with by established teams of industry professionals.

The transport department of Meachers Global Logistics can facilitate the needs of customers regarding the following: UK full load distribution, UK pallet deliveries, fully outsourced solutions and nationwide transport infrastructure.

In terms of warehousing, the solutions provided are developed in line with singular application specs and have been designed with the purpose to meet specific storage and supply chain requirements. Its movements in this area include pick & pack, inventory control and excise & non-excise facilities.

The freight forwarding division focuses explicitly on the provision of import, export & credit documentation support, customs clearance & compliance, sea freight services and air freight shipments. With its expertise in direct airline and consolidation services (as well as deep-sea container and international road freight), the company is acknowledged as one of the foremost independent freight forwarding companies in the country.

One of its most popular amenities is its consolidation service, which is offered through its outstanding consolidation centre (situated at its Southampton depot). There is an additional facility in Derby which supports its head office in Southampton and comes with excellent warehousing and transport links for ongoing convenience and operational efficiency.

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