Fast, reliable and accurate printing solutions

For this issue of Best Practice, we are pleased to present ORIS Packaging Innovations (UK) Limited with our highly esteemed Commitment to Excellence Award profile, specially selected as a result of their long standing provision of digital proofing and prototyping services.

Based in Worcestershire and with showrooms in Bolton and Yate, ORIS Packaging Innovations (UK) Limited has been in the business for over 20 years now and have become well-known across the industry for their superb technical expertise in both proofing and packaging services. By bringing together state of the art inkjet printers, their outstanding ORIS FlexPack // Web system, and their experienced know-how, Brand Owners, Packaging Designers, Repro Houses & Mock-up Producers are able to produce stunning Mock-ups and concepts in house.

The ORIS FlexPack // Web system is among their most highly sought after solutions, designed for quick, easy and accurate packaging mock-ups. Capable of using in-house, the ORIS FlexPack // Web Pack features a large colour space, metallic and white ink, and the ability to print onto a wide range of different substrates.

With hardware, software and consumables handpicked depending on client needs and preferences, ORIS Packaging Innovations (UK) Limited can solve any branding issue. For example, consistent colour reproduction has long been one of the most difficult aspects of branding. Due to the many variables involved in the packaging process, such as design software and printing machinery and machine operators, it is often difficult to get an extract reproduction of a branding colour. With the patented ORIS Press Matcher // Web, clients can manage colour reproduction using digital presses, ensuring colour stability. Even gradients can be handled with ease, with the ORIS Press Matcher expertly taking care of the calibration of different gradient colours.

For SMEs and small enterprises seeking short-run label printing, ORIS Packaging Innovations (UK) Limited’s Colourdyne Inkjet colour label printer is ideal. Utilising the latest Memjet Technology, full colour labels can be produced at 18m/minute!

In addition to their many hardware and software options, ORIS Packaging Innovations (UK) Limited also has a wide range of typical consumables such as inks, plus Contract and Production Proofing Media. However their inks are unlike typical printer inks, as their entire CMYK has been redefined in such a way that it allows for larger printable colour spaces and accurate reproductions of almost all Pantone® colours. Their Contract Proofing range includes the ORIS Professional Media family which boasts ultra-fine-grain nano-porous coating on their papers, doubling the surface area and resulting in uniform ink absorption, better shadow detail, and faster drying.

If you are seeking packaging solutions and would like to take advantage of ORIS Packaging Innovations (UK) Limited services, then don’t hesitate to get in contact today. Alternatively, you can always find out more information by heading over to the website below, where you can find a full list of their hardware, software and consumable services.

T +44 (0)1299 406057