Panel Mount product launch

Munters is proud to announce the latest additions to our flagship climate controllers: the Platinum Pro, Platinum Touch, and AC-2000 3G Panel Mounts. These controllers can be installed directly into an electrical cabinet. This capability reduces costs for farmers wanting to install their controllers in this manner.

It is important to note that the Panel Mount editions have the exact same functionality and software as the standard editions. In addition, the pricing for this option is the same as the pricing for the standard editions. The Panel Mount controllers were designed to ensure that they can be installed seamlessly; extended length cables are provided, allowing you to open your cabinets easily after installation.

Tal Cohen, Munters Israel Sales Application Engineer, “EMEA farmers want to be able to mount the Platinum and AC-2000 3G units directly into their cabinets. This is a much-needed space saving move for them. Munters Israel answered this call with our Panel Mounts. We are confident that this product will fill an important niche.”

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