Oliver Valves view on why selecting high quality components are critical

Oliver Hydcovalves was established in 2021, part of the leading Oliver Valve family of companies. The group has considered expertise, dating back over 40 years and is a global Powerhouse across valve technology.

With a focus on understanding the effects of hydrogen on various materials, Oliver Hydcovalves is conducting research through its state-of-the-art metallurgy department and cutting-edge R&D facility. Due to the high volatility of hydrogen, selecting the appropriate material is vital for optimised valve performance.

Working with the distinguished third-party testing body: TUV, Oliver Hydcovalves has prioritised type-testing Hydcovalves with 99.9% hydrogen. Oliver was in fact the first valve manufacturer to successfully qualify a valve at TUV with hydrogen. This cutting-edge research and testing have led to a highly successful collaboration with Dupont, resulting in the development of a patent-sealing technology, considered to be market-leading for fugitive emission control.

One of the pertinent questions that Oliver Hydcovalves is frequently asked is:

“What is the difference between a ‘conventional valve’ and a valve suitable for hydrogen?”

The answer lies in the materials of construction, the sealing technology and qualification test. Oliver Hydcovalves is proud to work with seal manufacturers, ensuring the seals are best suited for the application and then tests the products through meticulous simulation testing, in service conditions to show optimised product performance.

With a driven priority on safety, alongside optimised performance in hydrogen applications, Oliver Hydcovalves is committed to a stringent material selection process, fused with cutting-edge sealing technologies to guarantee precision-operation and mitigation against potential risks. The company is dedicated to offering customised valve solutions to meet the demands presented by hydrogen applications, namely hydrogen fuel stations.

Oliver Hydcovalves boasts considerable expertise across the hydrogen industry, with an impressive portfolio of highly successful collaborative hydrogen projects such as: hydrogen transport and hydrogen gas pipeline. These industry-leading projects are intrinsic proof of an outstanding commitment to world-class valve solutions for diverse hydrogen applications.

From hydrogen transportation and refuelling, purification, storage, blending, fuel cells and electrolysers to heating and cooling systems, Oliver Hydcovalves has the right valve solution for each application. With meticulous focus on hydrogen and carbon capture technology, these next-generational valves are definitive game-changers.

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