Experts in Life Extension of Materials & Critical Components

Today, Curtiss-Wright is one of the world’s leading advanced engineering companies, having diversified and branched out into numerous different technologies across multiple sectors, including commercial and industrial, defence, power, metals, aerospace and more.

Curtiss Wright Surface Technology, one of their most well-known subsidiaries, specialises in providing material surface treatment solutions, focusing on enhancing the performance of critical materials and components. They provide mechanical and metallurgical testing services for a range of different materials and components through IMR Test Labs, using the most advanced technologies and methods to conduct fatigue testing, thermal spray coating analyses, metallurgical and failure analyses, accelerated weathering and corrosion testing, weld testing and more.

Metal and material surface solutions are a huge part of why Curtiss Wright Surface Technology has become such an internationally recognised name. In addition to their famous controlled shot peening process, the company can provide highly effective and controlled Laser Peening for components in turbine engines, aircraft structures, wing skins and more. This specialist process puts exceptionally deep residual compressive stress in certain parts of a component to prevent crack initiation and fatigue. Better yet, their laser peening ensures quality control, precise application and poses no risk of process contamination.

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