Award-winning noise and vibration damping technology

Sound Damped Steel (SDS) is a multi-award-winning noise control company which was established by Les Thompson in 2003 with the main aim being to develop, manufacture and supply materials for industrial noise and vibration control applications.

“The company make steel which absorbs vibration making it sound like rubber. It is supplied to OEM manufacturers to make chutes, hoppers and machine guards quieter, we also supply kits to retro-fit on existing noisy machinery which is a much more cost effective way of dealing with noise issues for a lot of businesses.” Added
Les Thompson, Managing Director.

SDS draws upon over 30 years of experience in developing new and practical applications across an extensive range of projects to help both end users and leading noise and vibration control consultants in solving their problems.

A speciality is pipelines. Gas, oil and other pipelines with their associated equipment such as valves are renowned for generating high levels of noise that require a solution. The current noise control measure is acoustic cladding. However, this contains a multitude of drawbacks such as the need to be removed frequently for inspection and additional associated problems such as condensation and corrosion. To tackle this SDS in conjunction with the INVC developed the Quiet Pipe Technology system which negates all the problems associated with current technology. Quiet Pipe works by interlocking acoustic close shields that effectively convert the pipe itself into a silencer element to diminish noise.

Another service created by Les is “As a Hi-Fi enthusiast I made some damping feet and a turntable mat for my sound system. They worked so well that was launched to make the products available to the public. We get excellent reviews which has led to worldwide sales.” Said Les.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption for many industries and affected every company differently. Seeing an increase in its services during this time, Les remarked on its affect on SDS stating “We have benefitted from lockdown as people working from home were inconvenienced with noise coming from surrounding industrial sites, so we have been very busy supplying noise control solutions. Also, with an increase in leisure time spent at home people have been listening to much more music and upgrading their system with Soundeck Hi-Fi enhancing products.”

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