The UK’s Number One Manufacturer of Hinges

Within this issue of Best Practice, we have chosen to feature Gold and Wassall Hinges for our Best Practice Recommends Profile.

With an impressive history spanning over 200 years, Gold and Wassall Hinges was first established in 1790. From the company’s manufacturing facilities based in Tamworth UK, Gold and Wassall provides a range of services for design, production and manufacture of hinges, all produced in house and distributed throughout the whole of the UK. An industry leader in its trade, Gold and Wassall Hinges has established itself as the UK’s number one manufacturer of hinges.

Gold and Wassall Hinges provides a fully comprehensive design and manufacturing service, offering a wide range of hinges including piano hinges, butt and backflap hinges, standard, heavy duty and bespoke made to order hinges.

With an extensive range of stock on offer, Gold and Wassall Hinges is equipped to meet any hinge requirements and all of its stock is available for immediate dispatch.

“All our hinges are UK made; we are the only hinge company in the UK which can offer this. We offer a bespoke design and manufacture service, which means we can create virtually any hinge from a simple idea,” commented Scott Bareham, Sales and Marketing Manager.

One of the main focuses of Gold and Wassall Hinges is to provide first class customer service. Ensuring that from initial inquiry to delivery and aftercare, Gold and Wassall Hinges’ team engages with each customer to find out their specific requirements, measurements, application and style, to ensure they find the right door hinge for the customer.

While providing an impressive range of off-the-shelf hinges, Gold and Wassall Hinges understands that for some projects a custom built hinge is needed. Whether it’s a simple design alteration such as rounded corners or a more complex design with multiple bends, the team at Gold and Wassall Hinges is dedicated to providing the right hinge solution for you, providing a bespoke custom-made hinge solution.

“Our bespoke hinge service is ever growing in popularity; it really gives the customer flexibility when designing a product,” Scott said.

Boasting years of experience and design and manufacturing skills, Gold and Wassall Hinges has created over 250,000 unique hinges and continuously develops new patterns produced on a daily basis. The company is well equipped with the knowledge, skill and tools to create solutions for any application and has the ability to meet mostly any hinge size or shape requirements.

Another example of the company’s customisation services, Gold and Wassall Hinges provides a range of finishing options for its customers. Able to customise colour, add branding and create a smooth premium finish. The company’s array of finishing options is perfect for increasing protection, matching the application or to create that smooth premium finished look.

In terms of specific finishing services, Gold and Wassall Hinges provides powdercoating, plating, polishing and engraving services.

Powdercoating has grown in popularity within recent years and is a great alternative to using traditional solvent based paints. Better for the environment and creating a durable finish, Gold and Wassall Hinges provides powdercoating in any RAL Colour and offer a choice of different textures.

With a history spanning across centuries, Gold and Wassall Hinges has seen many tribulations for the world and its industry since its fruition and has been able to maintain its production and dominate its industry. During the uncertainty for many industries during the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, many manufacturers saw a halt in production and in sales. Demonstrating its renowned manufacturing capabilities, Gold and Wassall Hinges maintained production and were approached for providing hinges for the Nightingale hospitals.

We spoke to Scott about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the company; he told us that, “We worked all the way through. We experienced some demand for hinges for the Nightingale hospitals, as well as a customer who is involved in the manufacture of food delivery vans.” Scott continued, “Although our sales obviously went down during the pandemic, we feel that we are making steady progress coming out the other side. We have managed to keep our workforce whole, with no redundancies.”

Indeed, coming out of the other side of the pandemic, Gold and Wassall Hinges plans to continue its dominating presence in the industry. Scott stated, “We plan to continue doing what we have been for so long – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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