New modular retractable barrier system launched by Seton

A new retractable barrier system, named EasyExtend, has been launched into the market, offering unique features and benefits for use in industrial and outdoor spaces.

Developed by the health and safety solutions provider Seton, the new and rugged unit is designed to cordon off areas in warehouses, factories, distribution centres and construction sites.

It can span 10 metres — further than most other retractable barriers on the market — meaning a more efficient use of resources. It can be used with standard traffic cones, with its dedicated post and base system or can be fixed directly onto walls or other surfaces.

The EasyExtend also uniquely stores all the components of the barrier inside the base, making it ideal for rapid and easy setup in the event of a hazard, as well as being possible to store in stacks with little space.

The barrier can be used in three different ways. The modular post and base system gives the choice of using single or dual-level tapes, allowing the user to create a more imposing boundary if they choose to.

Once erected, the base portion features an integrated weight for stability. For extra sturdiness in harsh weather or on uneven surfaces, the user can then fill the base with an extra 12 litres of water or sand.

An adapter can also fix the tape cassette, or clip tape ends, to the top of any standard traffic cone. This lets cones be used in place of posts, if needed, such as around large vehicles.

The same barrier can cordon between fixed objects or walls, rather than needing the posts. Special EasyExtend brackets hold the tape cassette, while a separate receiver clip holds the tape end. Both can be fixed permanently or magnetically to walls, racking, store checkouts or even vans.

The design means a single barrier set can create cordons in different locations, without businesses needing to buy several versions of the same product. The EasyExtend is available with tapes in two colour sets — red and white or black and yellow.

Alex Hinton, Product Innovation Manager at Seton, said, “We’ve created a strong and durable barrier that gets around the problem of many facilities needing to buy several versions of the same product.

“The market-leading 10-metre length and unique modular design of EasyExtend means that, as well as being quick and easy to transport and store, it can be used in a wide variety of settings. From tape combinations to traffic cones and walls, its versatility will be extremely useful for businesses.

“The fact that the barrier posts dismantle and fit easily into the base units, which isn’t possible with any other product on the market, means that they can be stacked and stored on shelves or neatly in the back of a van.

“It also means that they are much faster and safer to take to a location to cordon off a particular area, which could make all the difference when dealing with a sudden or temporary hazard.

“Retractable barriers must be as easy to use as possible, to make sure that staff are happy to use them whenever they may be needed. This is an ethos that we continue to develop our barriers around.”

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