How the right environment can optimise X-ray inspection performance

X-ray inspection machines offer great benefits to CEMs and OEMs in both quality control and troubleshooting applications. However, the most powerful machines are complex, advanced-technology devices, so users need excellent training and support to optimise day-to-day performance.

This aspect is well-recognised by Newport-based CEM Axiom Manufacturing Services, who highly emphasise the ‘human factor’. Their people-based approach to their workforce, customers and suppliers has facilitated remarkable growth, reaching £50.1m in 2019.

Accordingly, they continuously nurture and enable their workforce, while offering extremely high customer service levels. They also seek to work with suppliers who share their ideals, because this allows them to rapidly absorb and obtain competitive advantages from advanced-technology machines like X-ray inspection equipment.

Axiom recently demonstrated this strategy while upgrading their X-ray inspection facility. They invited Cupio, as suppliers of inspection, production, and test solutions, to discuss an X-ray inspection upgrade. Firstly, Cupio reviewed Axiom’s existing machine, providing insight into its full potential; accordingly, it remains in service, with improved benefits for Axiom.

Cupio then showed how the Nordson Dage Quadra 7 X-ray inspection and failure analysis machine’s advanced technology would enhance both their production and troubleshooting activities.

Along with the Quadra 7’s 100nm resolution and 4k image quality, it provides a massive improvement for higher-volume production because of its throughput. Easily programmable with automated routines, it accepts up to five boards simultaneously. This parallel processing is valuable where 50,000 boards/month throughput is typical, with batch sampling rates of 20 – 30 boards.

Axiom regards Cupio’s ongoing training as absolutely crucial to their X-ray inspection success. The programme has covered SMT inspection, BGA, QFN, and voiding measurements for customers, and through-hole fill measuring. It will also include Quadra 7’s X-Plane CT functionality and µCT, encompassing 3D plus 2D imaging.
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