The UK’s Largest Heating Element Manufacturer

The business, which is based in Cardiff, was founded in 1949 by Franz Skalitzky and Cyril Hodges and as a family-run organisation it is now managed by their two sons John Skalitzky and Alun Hodges. Over the course of its existence Elmatic has become a leading manufacturer specialising predominantly in the provision of heating elements for industrial and electrical applications.

From its fully equipped 45,000 sq. ft. factory in South Wales the group can efficiently provide customers with high quality Mica Band & Plate Heaters, Nozzle Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Ceramic knuckle heaters, Tubular rod Heaters, Immersion/Flange heaters, Air Duct Heaters, Ceramic Core heaters, Strip Heaters and Roller/Disc Heaters.

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