Deep Hole Drilling Systems from UNISIG

UNISIG, a world leader in the manufacture of deep-hole drilling systems, has recently introduced significant technology advances in its innovative B-Series Machines. Due to be introduced in the newly launched B850 model and to be integrated into larger models in the series, these advances are set to substantially improve performance and dramatically reduce costs.

When designing the B850, UNISIG evaluated all aspects of the previous designs. The bed and rack-and-pinion system were retained, while feed systems were modernized to improve rigidity and reduce backlash. A new high-performance, helical-geared transmission was incorporated in a three-range, automatically shifting headstock. Incorporation of modern gearing and power train concepts simplified construction of the machine, reducing cost and boosting reliability and performance.

The B850 also offers a standard programmable coolant system. Combined with user-friendly controls and the other new design features, the machine allows an operator to focus on the part being machined instead of managing a wide variety of manual functions.

Both the work and tool headstocks deliver 166 hp, providing the high power and torque needed to drill holes up to 7.1” (180 mm) in nickel alloys, 8.7” (221 mm) in carbon steel, and 12.6” (320 mm) with counterboring. The B850 model is available with maximum drill depths ranging from 78” to 65’ (1.98 m to 19.81 m), and the machine bed can accommodate workpieces up to 10 tons (9,071 kg).

The B850 is part of UNISIG’s extensive B-series line, designed for on-center drilling of round workpieces in applications such as aerospace, defense, and oil & gas. In addition to standard BTA drilling methods, these machines are also capable of counterboring, trepanning, and skiving and roller burnishing processes, achieving the extremely strict tolerances required by manufacturers in these and other industries.

Established back in 1988, UNISIG has grown to become a recognised name throughout the world, renowned for its first class suite of contemporary solutions and high performance machinery. Their service satisfies a whole host of customers in a range of precision-focused metal-cutting industries including aerospace, automotive, energy and medical.

A state-of-the-art production facility and reliable network of local suppliers allow the company to design and manufacture its BTA, gundrilling, trepanning and skiving machines as well as its tooling solutions and automation.

All of UNISIG’s products are meticulously manufactured in America and Germany and are distributed with the obligatory durable tooling and machine accessories. Training on how to operate the equipment can be provided should this be required, and friendly representatives are also be on hand to offer application support for the accomplishment of specific production goals.

Further information on all machines of the UNI series and the complete UNISIG machine program is available at: or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter (@UNISIG).

You can also meet the company at the EMO show in Hannover, Germany from 18-23 September 2017.

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