Clean Air Specialists

Anua Clean Air was first established as the Clean air section of Bord an Mona Environmental Ltd ts c, which was an Irish state-owned company. 2014 saw the company purchase assets of their Clean Air business unit, including Monafil and Monashell, which then saw the birth of Anua Clean Air International in 2015. Anua Clean Air has locations in Southern Europe, the Middle East and is represented in the United States by its Sister Company Air Clean Srl; the companies Head Office and manufacturing factories are based in Maynooth, Dublin.

The company specialise in providing treatment for low cold air emissions, mainly odour and VOC emissions, which arise from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, and municipal solid waste treatment processes. Anua Clean Air is proud to boast that they have a long-standing history supplying patented Biological filters which provide best in class performance with the lowest life-cycle costs.

We asked Ian Phillips of Anua Clean Air what makes their products and services different from their competitors, to which he responded, “Our patented technologies are developed around the concept of using high-quality recovered materials such as seashells from shellfish processor and shredded crumb rubber from tyre processors. These materials have a natural affinity for the compounds we are targeting to remove from air streams and provide enhance performance with a much lower running cost and carbon footprint than traditional conventional technologies.”

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